Ask Yourself This…

Summary: For those who were unable to attend Monday’s Candidate Debates, attached is the written script that I had prepared for my one minute opening statement.

Thank you to A.S., the Diaz Compean Student Union, and the S.E.C. for hosting this debate tonight. Thank you also to all the students out there who have gotten involved during this election season.

Later tonight, when you are voting online for your next Board of Directors, ask yourself this: which candidate understands Associated Students as an organization? Does he or she have experience that relates to the position? Will this person be someone that you can generally trust? If your answer to all these questions is “no,” then the choice is obvious as to what you will do next. But if it is “yes”, then I suggest you go with that feeling.

My name is Thi Tran. In only a span of 7 months serving as the Director of Internal Affairs, I succeeded in keeping my campaign promises to “expand, rebrand, and understand.” This time, I am asking that you join me to “clarify, modify, and unify.”

As I said last year, “happy students result in a happy campus.” I hope to earn your trust and support once again, so that we can continue our progress of making San Jose State a campus filled with Spartan Pride. Thank you.



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