Let’s Get To Work

Dear all,

I am extremely honored to have been selected Director of Internal Affairs for student government, and will accept the responsibilities that your trust has bestowed upon me.

While I unfortunately ended up running uncontested near the end of this election season, I want to take the time to thank my original opponent, Adam Lu, for his interest in getting involved within Associated Students at the beginning. It was once said that “half of life is about showing up.” I wish Adam all the best with his next decisions of getting further involved on campus.

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A.S. Board Report (04.12.17)

Hello Spartan Community,

Welcome back from a much needed Spring break. I hope you were able to make the most out of it, and got at least some of your sleep hours back.

With all of us being back in school mode, the attention now turns towards ensuring that our remaining exams, papers, and projects are completed with diligent care and effort.

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Ask Yourself This…

Summary: For those who were unable to attend Monday’s Candidate Debates, attached is the written script that I had prepared for my one minute opening statement.

Thank you to A.S., the Diaz Compean Student Union, and the S.E.C. for hosting this debate tonight. Thank you also to all the students out there who have gotten involved during this election season.

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