Clarify, Modify, Unify

Dear everyone,

After considering all prospects, I am announcing my intent to seek re-election for Director of Internal Affairs.

For the past six months, I have served under this position through the premise to “expand, rebrand, understand.”

Expand by ensuring that less confusion will occur when reading the Bylaws and the Elections Regulation Manual.

Rebrand by ensuring that students are provided access to remaining informed on the activities of their representatives.

Understand by evaluating and advocating on policies that have a direct impact on the best interest of students.

“Representing the students of San Jose State University and improving the quality of their educational opportunities and experiences.” (Associated Students, Duy Nguyen)

Normally, promises like these are not kept by those in office.

Apparently, that message of remaining in the status quo never got sent to me. Because in the time spent serving you, I was able to follow through with my campaign platform.

So why not conclude the term and move on to new ventures?

Because quite simply, the work in Associated Students is never complete.

With today’s political climate more polarizing than ever, you need someone who will seek to unite the community through an agenda that places the interests of students first.

Through me, we will be able to obtain that.

The pursuit of making things better is never complete.

It is my hope that by clarifying through experience, by modifying through continuous improvement of our governing documents, and by unifying through transparency, that we will be able to continue making strides in enhancing the awareness of Associated Students.

I look forward to running for Director of Internal Affairs once again, and hope that I am given the chance to serve you for another term. Let’s work together in 2017 to further our progress in making SJSU a campus filled with Spartan pride.

All the very best,

Thi Tran



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