Remember Jed: Talk Is Cheap

Black Monday in the NFL has arrived, and some questionable decisions have already been made.

The release of Trent Baalke from his duties was one thing, but Chip Kelly?

Man, this next hire better be the next coming of Bill Walsh or the fanbase will explode.

The situation that Chip Kelly entered into had “loss” written all over it.

Expecting a quick turnaround was a stretch at best, and some might say it entered into the category of fairytale land.

A roster depleted of talent, not worthy of comparison against the championship contending teams.

A roster in its first year of learning new offensive and defensive systems.

A roster hammered by numerous injuries early on and throughout the NFL year.

Jed, Chip, Trent

Jed York on January 20, 2016: “Chip’s going to be here for a long time, period.” (Erza Shaw/Getty Images North America)

Given this situation, team officials should be counting their blessings that there are even two games showing on the win column.

Jed York thinks otherwise, though.

So here is the franchise: back at square one, looking for yet another identity and direction to follow.

To put it simply: Chip Kelly received the raw end of this deal.

No chance at a second season to revamp the roster towards his vision, or even another crack at the NFL Draft.

Which is a shame, as he was practically hired to perform damage control.

The offense, with its mixture of players that laid somewhere between creating a power run scheme and a spread scheme, was a mess.

The defense, once thought of to be a strength, crumbled down to the depths of atrociousness as each week progressed.

Meanwhile, Jed still remains, but is now essentially running on fumes.

This next coaching hire will be the fifth in which he gets to handle the keys to the kingdom.

It makes you wonder: how many chances should a person receive before it becomes time to step aside and let someone else handle duties?

Chip Kelly

One and done. (

Of the four prior head coach hirings that Jed has made, only one can be generally agreed upon as a success, and that person left in a “mutual parting.”

As for the other three, each one can be described using an adjective: underwhelming (i.e. Mike Singletary), disastrous (i.e. Jim Tomsula), inconclusive (i.e. Chip Kelly).

George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Jed York seems to have the good intentions of wanting to see the 49ers return back to their glory days.

He makes that well known publicly, stressing the expectations of “contending” and a “winning culture” at the press conferences.

But there comes a certain point when those statements become fillers, empty promises because of their overuse.

That is why this next hire needs to be right, and needs to be given adequate time for growth and stability.

Otherwise, the same story will repeat itself all over again.

One in which 49er teams fail to reach their potential, and are undermined by the constant organizational turnover.

This occurred with Jed’s father during the 2003 – 2007 period. It would serve him well to actually learn and keep a few lessons from those years of struggle.

Remember Jed: talk is cheap.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the writer are solely his, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Associated Students.

Jed York Press Conference

History has a way of repeating itself. (Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group)


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