Trust and Transparency

For weeks now, you have heard three slogans from my Internal Affairs campaign: (1) “Happy students, happy campus”; (2) “Putting Spartans first”; and (3) “Expand. Rebrand. Understand.” They reflect two beliefs that I hope will be instilled regardless of the election outcome: trust and transparency.

Trust and transparency are the cores to all relationships. Whether it is a partnership in a business venture, or a friendship, or a marriage, they all involve committing to someone. But in order to commit, each side must feel comfortable with the other one. That is where trust and transparency come in. They are the gateways towards building a stronger commitment. Without either, there can be no commitment, and likewise, no relationship.

At the moment, there is a disconnect between the student community and student government. So how can that be changed? Through trust and transparency.

Let’s work to have more frequent posts from our student representatives. Let’s work to have more effective communication streams between both parties. Let’s work to have more unity within our campus. πŸ—³
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