Are You Better Off?

Election Week at San Jose State has finally arrived. While waiting at the polls or for the screen to fully load online, ask yourself the following: Are you better off than you were one year ago at San Jose State? Is it easier for you to be aware of the events happening around campus? Has the university done enough to satisfy your student life needs? Is San Jose State holding itself accountable and making the necessary changes?

If your answer to all these questions is “yes”, then the choice is obvious as to who you will vote for. If you do not agree, if you do not believe that the status quo can be accepted any longer, then I could suggest another choice for you to consider.Β 

That choice would mean saying goodbye to the days of transparency being defined as an important post that is uploaded once. To the days of students being viewed as poker chips. To the days of apathy being used as an excuse. Because from this point on, it would mean that a new chapter will be written, and it will be done so through us.

This election is a pivotal one, for it is about setting the framework of what is to come in the future years of student government at San Jose State. Do we want to continue on with the status quo and thus, leave many behind? Or do we want to expand, rebrand, and understand, so that more students will feel like they are contributing to the Spartan community?

Yes: time and time again, history has shown us that the first steps to change will indeed be difficult. However, it is one that must be taken, for the greater good of all.

This is our chance to change the chapter. This is our chance to start something new. This is our chance to make things right. Not only for us, but for those who will follow after.

The choice is yours. Thank you.

Vote: or MySJSU



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