My Goals as Director of Internal Affairs

Once again, Student Government Elections are upon us. When voting for a Director of Internal Affairs, you want someone who: (1) Understands student needs; (2) Will not hesitate to speak loudly on your behalf; and (3) Has experience of working on tight schedules. My time as Yearbook Editor in Chief at Piedmont Hills High has led me to believe that I possess the qualities necessary for this position.

As your Director of Internal Affairs, I shall:

1. Include an amendment regarding President and Vice President vacancies: There are currently no steps in the bylaws regarding what to do if both position become vacant at the same time. They will be included during my term.

2. Remind my fellow directors of the bigger picture: We are here to serve the needs of our fellow Spartans. That means fixing the major problems plaguing SJSU first before moving forward with the other issues.

3. Expand the A.S. Bylaws: By explicitly listing all possible scenarios, we can prevent less confusion with interpretations and spend more time governing.

4. Provide the SJSU community with up-to-date details: Social Media and the Spartan Daily will have a huge part in spreading the message and providing effective transparency during my time in office. If commuters do their part, then they will not be left uninformed.

Overall, happy students result in a happy campus. Let us work together in 2016 to turn SJSU into a campus filled with Spartan pride.


Cyber Dust, Instagram, Periscope, Twitter: @Thi__Tran

Photo Credits: Associated Students (Top) and Isaac Rubio (Below)



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