Ticky Tacky Call

Last Wednesday, I told many of you that Election Week at San José State had concluded. For 15 of the 16 student government positions, they have been finalized. However, the most recognized position of them all has not: president.

Prior to Election Week ending, presidential candidate Jared Garcia filed a grievance on fellow candidate Héctor Perea. The complaint in question: asking a fellow professor to forward an email among a particular class section.

In nearly all cases, this is where the Elections Regulation Manuel (ERM) of Associated Students (A.S.) comes in handy. Unfortunately, this happens to be one of the rare occasions.

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Not My Time

Dear all,

Election Week at San Jose State has now concluded, and likewise, the end to our long journey has arrived. The Spartan community has spoken, and has done so clearly through their vote. Several hours ago, I had the chance to congratulate Eric Medrano on being the next Director of Internal Affairs for a student government that represents a school we both care deeply about.

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